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  Foo Fighters: Back and Forth   Spitfire Pictures
  Nuclear Family   Cocksure Entertainment
  The People Speak   Artfire Films
  The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising   FOX/Walden
  Hakani Project   Giant Killer
  AFTER…   After LLC
  Blue Collar Comedy Tour   Warner Brothers
  To End All Wars   Argyll Films
  Speedway Junky   Speedway Junky
  Christmas Child   Impact Pictures
  Keeping Up With The Jonesers   Borders Entertainment
  Air Guitar Nation   Magical Elves
  Wide Open Baja Challenge   Speedvision


  Project Runway, Seasons 6-11   Lifetime
  MasterChef 3   FOX
  Secret Millionaire, Seasons 2-3   ABC
  The Next Iron Chef   Food Network
  Hell's Kitchen, Seasons 2, 4-12   FOX
  Jingles   CBS
  Greatest American Dog   CBS
  Dancing With The Stars   ABC
  So You Can Think You Can Dance   FOX
  Knight School   ESPN
  Black and White   FX
  Jamaica: The Royal Tour   The Travel Channel
  Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County   MTV
  The Complex: Malibu   FOX
  America's Next Top Model   UPN
  Last Comic Standing 2   NBC
  Mad, Mad House   Sci-Fi Channel
  The Apprentice   JMBP / NBC
  Big Brother 4   CBS
  Fear Factor   NBC
  Fraternity Life 2   MTV
  The Bachelor II   The WB Network
  High School Reunion   The WB Network
  American Idol   FOX
  MTV Icon: Aerosmith   MTV
  Dog Eat Dog   NBC
  American Fighter Pilot   CBS / Scott Free Productions
  Tough Enough, Seasons 2-3   MTV
  Project Greenlight, Seasons 1-3   Bravo/HBO
  The Last Resort   ABC
  Becoming   MTV
  Fear   MTV


  Ford   Non Fiction
  Visa   Sticks and Stones
  Car Swap   Non Fiction
  Sierra Mist   Traktor
  Texaco Express Oil   Treat Productions
  First National Bank   Argue Productions
  Toyota Tundra   Creative Image Works
  Ourhouse   Dogmatic Productions
  Huntington Beach Toyota   Focal Point
  Pass It On   Plum Productions
  South Bay Lexus   Hot Spots